Fellas Fantasy Football Charter – 2014 changes applied

1.0 Membership

Membership 10 teams

1.1 Franchise Agreement

The Fellas Fantasy Football League is operating under a “Franchise” or “Keeper” system. Each team must keep four players from the previous years’ final roster for the following season. Franchised players are processed through the hosting site. Keepers are locked in 1 hour prior to the draft.  The draft time is originally set for the Saturday morning two weeks prior to the first weekend of the NFL regular season.

1.2 Owner Responsibility

All owners are expected to run their teams in a responsible fashion. This includes but it not limited too: submitting lineups on time (no players on bye weeks or injured players), responding to commissioner inquiries, and showing active interest in the league. Owners who exhibit obvious disinterest in the league are subject to a probationary period followed by replacement, all voted upon by the other league owners and requiring a 2/3 majority (6 of the 9) votes. Owners engaged in any form of collusion are subject to immediate expulsion from the league. Collusion can be defined but not limited to, making unbalanced trades, dividing any proceeds/fees, trading assets outside of the current league parameters (ie. Additional money or goods), or promises of future trades.

1.3 League Commissioner

Currently, the league has one Commissioner:  Eric Haefner. The league also has an Assistant to the Commissioner, Adam Arians. The role of commissioner can change from year-to-year, but is not required to. The commissioner is required to monitor and regulate all aspects of the league. A commissioner change is subject to Article 14.0 of the league charter.

The responsibilities of the Assistant to the Commissioner include but are not limited to basic secretarial duties, mundane statistical analysis, and other simple roster/league settings adjustments.

1.4 League Treasurer

Currently, the league’s treasurer is handled by the commissioner. The treasurer is in charge of all finances. They should pay for the league’s Web site, if applicable. They need to collect finances from each team and disperse money following the season to the appropriate owners.


1.5 League Fines


Failure to submit keepers or pay entry fee by the deadlines will result in a fine of 25% of the league fee. For each additional 24 hour period, an additional fine of 10% of the league fee will be incurred. Any additional funds paid to the league will be allocated based on payout percentages.


2.0 League Makeup

The league consists of 2 divisions with 5 teams each.  The division names are “Boathouse” and “Northern Lights”.


2.1 Division Realignment

The realignment process will be conducted by the commissioner in the offseason prior to the draft.  Divisions will be realigned prior to the drafts for the following seasons: 2014, 2018, 2022, etc. (every 4 years).

Division realignment will be conducted in the following manner:


3.0 Schedule

Each team will play everyone in their division twice and teams from the other division once. Divisional games will be during the first five weeks and the last five weeks.

4.0 Dues

The entry fee is set at $160 for 2014. The entry fee will go up $10/year.


The entry fee is due prior to the applicable season’s draft.



4.1 Trophy Expenses

The most recent league champion as the right to possess the trophy.  However, it is also the responsibility of the trophy possessor to deliver the trophy to the newest champion in a timely manner.  Shipping and updating of the trophy will be at the expense of the newest champion.  Shipping charges do not include gas money or other convenience charges that the trophy possessor may attempt to charge the newest champion.  Basically, the newest champion is responsible for only the packing and postage charges from the carrier (USPS, UPS or FedEx).  The newest champion will have discretion on shipping options within the carrier (ground, overnight, express, etc).  The parameters between the possessor and the newest champion are to, “not be dicks”.  

New champion plate updates must be consistent with the existing plates (existing plates are 0.7” x 1.75”, bronze with black letters, item #EP289 from TrophyDepot.com).  If the commissioner* deems that the plate is not consistent, the plate could be removed or replaced at the expense of the owner.  The plate update plan should be approved by the commissioner* prior to updating to avoid issues.

Permanent trophy updates (updates that either damage the trophy or have a cost to repair or undo), excluding champion plate updates, require a 2/3 majority vote of owners.

*the assistant to the commissioner will serve as the commissioner for these duties if the commissioner is the newest champion

5.0 Payouts

The commissioner will send out a payout schedule prior to the start of each season.
Payout schedules are subject to ownership approval.

For league year 2013:

Payouts are after one-time $100 trophy creation expense (equivalent to $140 dues payout)

League Champion: $910 (65%)
League Runner Up: $350 (25%)
Third Place: $140 (10%)

6.0 Rosters

A regular roster consists of 20 players. Starting roster consists of 10 players and 10 reserves.

The starting lineup must have:

• 2 Quarterbacks
• 2 RB’s
• 3 WR’s
• 1 TE
• 1 K
• 1 Defense/Special Teams

7.0 Lineups

Lineups are due according to the leagues’ Web site. If your Internet isn’t working or you cannot submit your lineup in via the website, you must contact your opponent for the week and/or the commissioner, at a minimum of ten minutes before game time. Failure to abide by this will result in starting the same lineup as the prior week.

8.0 Scoring

Offensive Scoring:

• 1 pt. Every 10 yards Rushing/Receiving (e.g. 0.1 pt for every 1 yard)
• 1 pt. Every 25 yards Passing (e.g. 0.2 pt for every 5 yards)
• 3 pts. For a Passing TD
• 6 pts. For a Rush/Receiving TD
• 2 pts. For a Rush/Receive 2 pt. Conversion
• 2 pt. For a Passing 2 pt. Conversion
• 3 pts. For a Field Goal of 39 Yards or Less
• 4 pts for a Field Goal of 40-49 yards
• 5 pts for a Field Goal of 50+ yards
• 1 pt. For an Extra Point
• -1 pt. For an INT thrown by any player
• -3 pts for all missed extra points
• -1 pt for all missed FG 0-39 yards

* Note – If your player loses yards either running, passing, or receiving, they will receive negative yardage points for that category subject to the same -0.1 pt for every -1 yard, or -0.2 for every -5 yard passing.

Defensive Scoring:

• 6 pts. For a TD
• 1 pt. For an Interception
• 2 pts. For a safety
• 1 pt. For a fumble recovery
• Points Allowed 0 = 20 pts.
• Points Allowed 1-6 = 14 pts.
• Points Allowed 7-13 = 8 pts.
• Points Allowed 14-17 = 5 pts.
• Points Allowed 18-21 = 1 pts.
• Points Allowed 22-34 = 0 pts.
• Points Allowed 35+ = -5 pts.

Host site’s definition of “Points Allowed” will be used.

9.0 Tie Breakers for Weekly Games

Ties to regular season weekly games will remain a tie. For ties in the playoffs the tie-breaking factor will be the total of your 3 highest point getters for that game, adding a player until the tie is broken.

10.0 Tie Breaker for Divisional/Playoff Places (to make the playoffs & seeding in playoffs)

Ties in record are then decided by Total Pts.

11.0 Playoff Teams

With two divisions the winners of each division, based on overall record and then total points, will automatically make the playoffs. Then there will be four wild card spots.  Three of the teams will be based on overall record and then total points.   The final #6 spot, will be filled by the team with the most total points regardless of record.  The playoff schedule will consist of each division winner receiving a bye and the remaining 4 teams being reseeded based on record and points regardless of their division.

12.0 Trades

Trading is permitted before and during the season prior to Week 12 trade deadline. Trades close at Midnight following the Week 12 Monday Night Game. Trading will re-open after the NFL’s Super Bowl.

Picking-up Players will be allowed throughout the regular season/playoffs.


12.1 Off-Season Trades

A keeper league allows for the possibility of off-season trades. Owners are allowed to engage in off-season transactions.

12.2 Trading Draft Picks and Keeper Spots

Trading or exchanging draft auction dollars is not allowed.


12.3 Trade Veto Process

All league owners who are not involved with a trade in question (no players impacted) must vote unanimously to revoke a trade.  All required votes must be cast within 14 days of trade disclosure.

In the event that a trade is revoked, conditional lineups will be applied retroactively.  Conditional lineups must be placed prior to the start of any impacted matchups.  Conditional lineups can be placed either by post or documented communication with commissioner.   In the event that a trade is revoked and no conditional lineups were set, players impacted by the trade will retroactively receive 0s in impacted weeks.

13.0 Picking up Players

Blind Bidding
The team with the highest blind bid will be awarded that player, and bids that tie will be awarded to the team ranked lower in the standings. If a team improperly places a bid by failing to drop a player, they will only be awarded said player if no other team bids on that player. Teams will be allowed to place bids during the regular season and playoffs assuming they have remaining funds.

Bids will be processed at 10 am CT on Thursday and Sunday of week after the draft has concluded.  Bids will no longer be processed after the championship.

The host site (currently ESPN) is responsible for awarding players to teams.  Bids can only be submitted through the host site.  Only players available in the host’s system may be bid on (bids for collegiate players are not allowed).

Salary cap of 100 will be reset at the beginning of each regular season. Owners will NOT be able to carry over remaining salary cap dollars from previous years.

Owners are allowed to trade salary cap dollars.

14.0 Drafting

All teams must protect (keep) 4 players and drop the remaining players.  The draft will be done auction style with a budget of $200.  The auction will be conducted by the hosting site online.  Each owner is responsible for their own PC and any technical issues that may arise. 

The order of nominating players is determined based on the year-end regular season standings in reverse order.  The exception is that the Champion will nominate 10th and the Runner Up will nomitate 9th.  Non-snake style order will be used when entering a new round.  In the event that the online auction host does not allow any of these parameters, the host’s default will be used.

15.0 Last-Place Consequences

The last place finisher will be required to buy $40 in booze at the following year’s draft. The league champion from the previous year will select the kind of booze.

16.0 Modifying the league Charter

Changes to the league charter must be approved by a 2/3 majority vote of owners. With ten owners, seven votes are required to implement and overturn any rules. 

A proposed change should be submitted in writing and/or orally to all owners before the vote. The voting will take place immediately preceding the draft. Any questions or concerns should be submitted to the league commissioner.