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What is a Rube?

A “Rube” is a term affectionately used by the on-air talent at KFAN (a sports talk radio station in Minnesota) to describe sports nuts, usually with strong opinions.


Fantasy sports leagues are moving toward the auction draft, where every owner gets a shot at every player.  Weak fantasy minds hate this trend.  With the more traditional snake draft, your average sports rube can simply pick the best player available when it’s their turn.  Now, instead of hoping for the top pick to fall into their lap, they have to decide whether that top RB is worth half of their budget.

To make things more fun for the elite fantasy sports minds, formats have also evolved.  Now price setting isn’t as easy as checking mock draft results or fantasy magazines that are usually a month old.  These only cover a fraction of possible league formats.

If you’re in more than one league, you know that leagues are rarely the exact same. 

How it works

The RubeSheets calculation engines were designed by a fantasy sports rube working in the financial services industry.  Option pricing theory inspired many pieces of the auction pricing logic.

RubeSheets maintains projected statistics for each player.  However, RubeSheets does not specialize in producing statistical expectations.  Instead, the statistics are heavily based on other expert sources.

Based on statistical projections and a league’s scoring system, an expected point total is solved for each player.  Next, the points are adjusted based on the league starting format, position points, and other factors (RubeSheets secrets).  Finally, the adjusted points are converted to auction values based on the amount of auction dollars in the pool.

If you’re in a keeper league, RubeSheets can even adjust the auction values to account for the players kept as well as the league charge for keeping the players. 

And if you would like to update auction values during your draft, you can use the keeper functionality to do this.  All you’d need to do is increase the “Total charge for kept players” input by the final cost of each player and recalculate (you’d also need to check the “kept” checkbox of the player that’s been drafted).