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Football Auction Cheat Sheet
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Customized Fantasy Football Auction Cheat Sheet

Enter your fantasy football league's format and scoring system and hit "RubeCalc".  RubeSheets will calculate each player's auction value based on their projected statistics, giving you a cheat sheet customized for your league.  RubeSheeets will even recalculate player values based on keepers and keeper charges.

Don't use standard cheats for your Best Ball drafts!  Optimal scoring versus pre-setting a starting lineup will impact the value proposition across positions.  RubeSheets is able to capture this and appropriately evaluate player values (whether it be a standard snake draft or auction).

Do not leave any field blank.  Use "0" 

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Projection source

Teams in league Scoring (pts for each item):   milestone detail Milestone Scoring: 
Per team budget $ Pass yds example Pass YD  FG make  Pass YDs   pts  
  Pass TD FG miss Rush YDs   pts  
Roster:  Interception XP make Reception YDs   pts  
QB     2nd tier detail 2nd tier if needed: 
RB  point to yards detail Rush YD Defensive INT Pass YDs   pts  
WR  Rush TD Fumble recovery Rush YDs   pts  
TE Carry  Safety Reception YDs   pts  
K   Sack  
D Reception YD Defense/Special Team TD Optimal lineup
Flex:  WR/TE Reception TD  D points Point Against  
Flex:  RB/WR/TE Reception    
SuperFlex:  QB/RB/WR/TE    
Bench Fumble lost  
Projected statistics updated on September 5, 2023



Video Tutorials - Use the how-to videos below to learn how to use RubeSheets auction tool for printing a cheat sheet, in-draft price updating, and processing keeper prices

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