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Football Auction Cheat Sheet
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Enter your fantasy football league's format and scoring system and hit "RubeCalc".  RubeSheets will calculate each player's auction value based on their projected statistics, giving you a cheat sheet customized for your league.  RubeSheeets will even recalculate player values based on keepers and keeper charges. 

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Projection source

Teams in league Scoring (pts for each item):   Milestone Scoring: 
Per team budget $ Pass YD  FG make  Pass YDs   pts  
  Pass TD FG miss Rush YDs   pts  
Roster:  Interception XP make Reception YDs   pts  
QB     2nd tier if needed: 
RB   Rush YD Defensive INT Pass YDs   pts  
WR  Rush TD Fumble recovery Rush YDs   pts  
TE    Safety Reception YDs   pts  
K  Reception YD Sack  
D  Reception TD Defense/Special Team TD
Flex:  WR/TE  Reception   Point Against  
Flex:  RB/WR/TE      
SuperFlex:  QB/RB/WR/TE    
Bench Fumble lost  
Projected statistics updated on September 13, 2020



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